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Thursday, June 21, 2007

it's my blog, i'll bitch if i want to.

does anyone want to marry me for a week, just to provide health and dental insurance? my tooth hurts.

i have a night class that pains me even more than my tooth.

i know the next statement is going to make me sound like a bitch, but like i said, it's my blog! there is one student who drives me insane. unfortunately he's in a wheelchair, which means i try as hard as i can to bite my tongue and never lose my temper with him. last night i didn't. we were initialing something on a wipe board and he couldn't reach, so when he asked me to write something for him i didn't mind at all. however, when he made me erase and rewrite it more than once i got frustrated and said something snarky. in my defense i would have snapped at anyone at that point, wheelchair or no wheelchair. there's something about this class that drains my patience, and as everyone knows there isn't a lot there to begin with.

the rest of the evening i felt like shit for being semi-cruel. had this particular man not been in a wheelchair i wouldn't have given it a second thought. i suck.


thomas said...

#1 You don't suck.

#2 I do everything I can to NOT be treated differently, so if I did something that deserved a snarky be it. I would feel worse if someone DIDN'T make snarky remarks (I love that word, btw) because I'm in a wheelchair.

#3 Hi. I watched "Signs" last night. It scared the bejesus out of me...seriously.

Anonymous said...

Bellum, you shouldn't feel like you suck. Treat this person like you would treat any other annoying person you run across.

Crystal said...

once there was a girl with a trach-tube in one of my classes and she would have to put her finger over the hole and whisper everything, but it wasn't a normal whisper, it was an exaggerated whisper where every consonant made your eardrums do those weird jumping jack things where you felt like you had to swallow. anyhow, it was really annoying. one day she got mad at me for something and I THINK he called me a slut (it came out "SSSTTTT!")so i flipped around in my chair to face her, placed my finger on my throat and mimmicked her whisper, "SHT THE FCK UP" and then people looked at me like i was crazy and i was all, 'what? she called me a slut!'

i still believe to this day that she deserved it. me telling her to shut up. not the trach-tube. which was temprorary.

oh, quit. i know i am going to hell.

with sarah.

Anonymous said...

You're a total bitch, but cute enough to get away with it.

ryan said...

It doesn't sound like you lack empathy for the handicap at all.

Maybe just people in general.


LesBie said...

I'll marry you for a day to fix your tooth, but will you respect me in the morrow?

I doubt it.

PS, you do suck, or at least I hope you do.

Danielle said...

did this person chew gum like a cow and say "TEACHER"

S said...

I love it. You are called a bitch and told that you suck and I'm called a liar. June 21st was a great day to be a blogger.

Art said...

a douche is a douche. a person does not need to be bipedal to a pain in the ass

el viajero said...

FWIW, earlier this week I sort of said to an old crone, "Christ, why don't you die already?" Sort of because I don't know if she heard me, but she kept yapping and being hysterical...definitely incurred some bad karma...