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Friday, June 15, 2007

Where Obsessions End and a Social Life Begins--column 6.14.07

I think the universe swallowed my last date. For real! I always wondered what happened to those really great two-date guys. You know the ones, you meet and feel like there could be a real connection, and then suddenly they just drop out of sight.

My friend Aimee has a theory they disappear out of fear. They’re too scared to deal with such a possible connection. I, on the other hand, think it’s like a missing sock our of the dryer; the universe just steals them.

I met this particular guy on my old standby After a few emails we decided to meet for coffee. He was running a bit late, so I ordered a drink and sat down with a newspaper. I left my bag on the chair next to me, in order to save a seat in the busy coffee shop for him. A few minutes later an older man came and moved my bag to sit down and started chatting with me. He was so nice I couldn’t bring myself to ask him to leave. We chatted until my date arrived.

When I saw him arrive I joined him in line and said, “Oh, I hope it’s okay I brought my Dad. He really wanted to get out of the house for a while.” He knew right away I was kidding and played along. I love a good bit, and within five minutes we had one of our own! This was promising.

We didn’t run out of things to talk about, which was nice. We were discussing movies when I mentioned my current obsession/fear of Hannibal Lecter. I’d recently finished a marathon of Red Dragon, Hannibal, Hannibal Rising and ending with the first movie in the series, Silence of the Lambs. Needless to say I had Hannibal on my mind.

Thinking perhaps I was an Anthony Hopkins fan he asked if I’d seen The World’s Fastest Indian, which was filmed out on the Salt Flats. I had, and also mentioned I, being a Utah native, had never actually been to the Salt Flats.

After an hour we both had to be elsewhere so we made plans to get together a couple days later. Between the two dates we continued to send emails and text messages, finding that we were really hitting it off.

For our second date we met at Desert Edge Brewery for dinner. I was going to already be there having drinks with a friend so he kindly agreed to just meet me there.

Originally, he suggested we grab dinner and head out to the Salt Flats so I could see them. Which, I thought was sweet, but slightly creepy. The last thing I wanted to do was jump into a car with someone I’d only just met. Better safe, then sorry. Sure, in hindsight I could have probably just mentioned the idea of driving out there with a stranger made me uncomfortable, rather than asking if he planned to take me there to kill me for the sake of my skin. It made sense; the salt would be a nice skin scrub producing much softer skin with a lovely glow.

He laughed it off and we had a nice time anyway, or so I thought. We exchanged a couple of text messages the next day, but then nothing. If the situation were reversed I’d certainly not want to date someone who wouldn’t stop talking about Hannibal Lecter and serial killers. It’s just not that sexy.

One of these days I’m going to figure out that I don’t actually have to vocalize everything on my mind. And also, my new scary movie obsession has to end, otherwise my social life might.


Anonymous said...

Ok Bellum back to chick flicks for you. Please refrain from scary movies alltogether.

Melliferous Pants said...

The really great two-date guys disappear because they can only pretend to be normal for so long before they succumb to tucking themselves and singing "Goodbye Horses" into their oversized vanity mirrors while wearing fabulous silk robes.

Scott the Stray said...

You need to see Manhunter also. It was made years ago and based on Red Dragon and much better than the remake.

Mike said...

I think that serial killers is a sexy topic, especially comming out of a cute personality. (its the emotional tention that gets me) If the dude is intimidated by that, he is a wussy anyway. His X-girlfriend probably saw him putting forth effort to date and he crawled back like a wussy would! :)