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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

home, stinky home

i live in a victorian house that has been converted into five apartments. i love my apartment with the exception of the kitchenette, rather than a full kitchen. it has a cute bedroom loft and overall fits my personality quite well. with that said, i think it's time to move.

it's really hard to rent cool apartments when my roommate is a dog. so when i found my apartment i was thrilled the owners were cool with dogs. i'm VERY allergic to cats and none of the tenants had cats. now a few years later there are four cats living here, and that's four too many. do i really want to live in a cat house?


Anonymous said...

It's too bad you are allergic to, in the English sense of the word, pussy.

Do you want us to help you find a new place to live?

cat lover said...

I don't know, do you really want to live in a cat house?

Anonymous said...

I want you to work at a cat house.

Boise Chamber of Commerce said...

I know a place

ryan said...

hay be nice