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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

open mouth, insert pink converse.

after my bitchy encounter with a fellow student last week, i wanted to make an attempt to be nice to him in class last night.

so, when i noticed his new haircut i felt it was important to let him know it was time to fire his hairstylist.

he was quick to point out he was making good on a bet with an eight year-old cancer patient.

once again, i'm the bad guy, but at least the bad guy has cute shoes!


Anonymous said...

YOu wouldn't be you without these little slip ups.

Lincoln said...

You need your own sitcom...or reality show.

Dave said...

hey, isn't that the guy who shot the police officer up at the u yesterday?

also, nice hat.

Delal said...

hey, I know this guy! and, I hate to tell you this....but he has been using that story for years. He isn't in medical school like he is sad really.