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Monday, February 04, 2008

Liar, Liar... Stitches on Fire

I've been known to be a tad demanding. My friends and family will be the first to tell you this. I expect a lot from people, it's just the way I was made. I've learned over the years people can often disappoint me. Case in point: Arlo.

I asked Arlo to teach me to make perogies Wednesday night. He happily agreed to my face, but then behind my back he tried to cut own hand off with a dull kitchen knife in order to get out of teaching me. Perhaps he's lazy; perhaps he's trying to avoid seeing me hurt, like last time. Whatever the case, the lad is just so thoughtless and cruel. I don't think five stitches is a good excuse for breaking promises. Ever.

I'm going to peek under his bandages to be sure he's telling the truth. Like I tell my three-year-old niece, Hannah, boys lie AND carry cooties, therefore cannot be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Is he okay?

ak said...

I heard that he had cut himself making a sandwich and needed stitches - is this REALLY true? and if so, how inconsiderate of him to injure himself while knowing full well that he was to help you make perogies.

Anonymous said...

Boys are selfish

Sarah Bellum said...

anon: He is.

ak: I know! I can't imagine why he'd do such a thing.

anon: Agreed.