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Monday, February 11, 2008

Notes from the Weekend

If your driver license has expired and you’ve been too busy to renew it, bar hopping is a bad idea.

Carpet burns are better on your elbows then face.

Broken toes hurt.

Men from Holland bounce their heads way too much.

When you talk shit on someone and then make your girlfriend stick up for you, you are the one who should be kicked in the baby. Even if you are my brother.

Lemonade and Southern Comfort doesn’t make me barf.


ak said...

you had quite a weekend

That one girl, Kiesha said...

We left you with Arlo, and you ended up with carpet burns and a broken toe?

I'm starting to think there is some truth to this whole craigslist hook-up story.

theorris said...

Hmm, mines been out for a couple of weeks now too. I haven't had a problem. Probably because I'm old and I've been going to the same places for decades now.

Decades?! Dear god.

Thanks for reminding me I need to renew.

Anonymous said...

Rug burns on your knees I understand, but elbows? How does that happen? Divulge, my dear.

Scott the Stray said...

I can see why you didn't answer your phone this weekend. Ar you really not going to tell us how you got carpet burns on your face?
And I once got so sick on Southern Comfort that the mere mention of it made me almost barf.