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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Extent of my Day

Sarah Bellum, Tales of Wit and Charm


Anonymous said...

You and my wife would have lots to talk about. She loves that show. I hate it like you hate Nascar.

Dave said...

*insert generic rectal thermometer joke here*

Anonymous said...

Where's your dildo?

rockandcookies said...

I got it too, whatever it is. (cry)

Sra said...

I wondered why you hadn't posted in over a week, and that's when I realized yo have changed your RSS feed over to feedburner! So I had some catching up to do, but I'm back on board now.

I'm really sorry you're sick. The flu this season eats balls hardcore. I call it the death flu. Everyone's getting it, and it knocks you on your ass for about 4 whole days. And then the recovery is slow after that.

Hope you feel better soon.

I love Gilmore Girls, BTW.

Sarah Bellum said...

anon: You're wife has brilliant taste!

dave: You're so fired. You can win your way back into my heart with treats from Trader Joes.

anon: Damn, I knew I forgot something...

rockandcookies: Oh no. I'm sorry. Call me if you need ANYTHING!!

sra: Yeah, sorry about that. I wonder how many people that affected. I accidentally changed things up when I added a pink RSS feed, but did you hear me PINK RSS FEED! Totally worth the screw up, in my book.

Thanks, I'm feeling much better after a week of misery. Stupid germs.

And GG is the best show ever. Witty writing, more pop culture references than any one girl can handle. And Dorothy Paker productions? LOVE IT!

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