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Friday, February 01, 2008

Chocolate: The Naughty Treat

I think the universe is telling me to go on a diet. Which sucks because Arlo has promised me I can drown my sorrows in his chocolate, I suppose that’s as naughty as he can be without pissing his bishop off. He’s already skating on thin ice with his God for being friends with me at all.

After an especially crummy day a friend came over to have some dinner and watch the debates. We called to order a pizza and were told they were closed for an hour and to call back. No biggie, it was worth the wait since they have wheat crust. An hour later I called back and was told they were filming a movie and would be closed all night.


We then ordered Chinese food online from Sam Pan, because it’s easier than speaking to actual human beings. An hour and a half later I called to see why our food hadn’t arrived. They didn’t have our order. Stupid technology. Growing moodier by the second I re-ordered and was promised it would arrive in one hour. Thirty minutes later they called and had trouble processing the credit card because it was one number short. We went through the order again.

One hour and fifteen minutes later I had food. It’s never taken three hours to get food to my apartment. Clearly the universe thinks I’m fat and is throwing hints my way. The universe is an ass, but I get the hint and will hit the gym this weekend. When I’m done eating Arlo’s chocolate, of course.


Sra said...

Maybe the Universe wasn't telling you you shouldn't have food, but that you should go out and get it instead of having it delivered. Stupid Universe.

Al Hammond said...

Your ass isn't fat, it's just storing for the winter.

ak said...

you have a kitchen. You have an A-shack. why not use it?

jenny said...

i think the universe is trying to tell you to finally learn how to cook ;)

Ashley said...

I think the universe has this effect on you.. its not delivery.. its Sara.. Memba ordering pizza at MF and this pregnant lady here was seconds from eating her pencil? I shall blame you then for that miserable day of hunger.

Justin 2 said...

This post reminded me that I hadn't had anything from Sampan in over a year. So, I called in a take-out order on Saturday at 7:50. They said it would take 20 minutes. I got there at 8:10, and then waited another 35 minutes for my order. People were walking up to the counter, placing orders, and getting their stuff while I was still waiting.

They appear to have some major problems with their take-out and delivery system. It's not that the universe thinks you're fat.