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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stairs are a Challenge

"Sarah, what happened to your knee? Those bruises are awful."

"I feel down the stairs."


"I don't think again is necessarily the right word. They were different stairs this time."


"At work. The heel of my shoe got caught on my cuffed jeans and before I knew it I was falling."

"That totally sucks. Did anyone see you?"

"No one that matters, just some asshole that happened to be walking down the stairs too. He moved aside and let me fall."

"What a jerk, have you dated or something?"

"No... not yet."


Dainon. said...

Heel o' your show, eh?

Sarah Bellum said...

dainon: Yeah... What the iPhone commercials don't tell you is that blogging from your phone is so frustrating that you rarely read it before posting it.

Scott the Stray said...

There are some advantages to wearing your jeans short.

Loralee Choate said...

It was "Oily Boy", wasn't it?


Sarah Bellum said...

Scott: I'd rather have bruises on my knees.

Loralee: If only. Sigh...

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