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Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Lesson in Love

Ben called when I was picking up the kids from the daycare last week. After discussing whatever weird thing was on his mind that day, I handed the phone to the kids so they could say hello.

When Hannah was on the phone I said, "Make sure you tell Uncle Ben you love him." She looked at me in complete disgust and said, "No, Sarah, love with boys is gross! But when you get married love is OK, and it's not gross anymore."

She handed me back the phone and left Ben and I to discuss how weird our family is. Even the kids.


Sterkworks said...

I cannot keep track of all the men in your life. Brothers? Best friends? Boyfriends? Don't know. I need to check out your blog more to see if there is a key to let me know who is who.

Sarah Bellum said...

sterkworks: Ha ha, assume they are all brothers and friends. If I had a new boyfriend, trust me, you'd know!

Though, I should put a sidebar with a list of blog characters.