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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For Energy and Laughs

The Kid called me fat today, or not fat. I'm so confused.

We've been passing back and forth a stale granola bar for a week. I had every intention of eating it when I picked it up a couple of weeks ago, and then didn't. I put it on his desk BECAUSE I AM A NICE PERSON! He didn't eat it and put it back on my desk. We soon started adding notes listing reasons why the other should eat it. He suggested I lay off the caffeine and eat it for natural energy. Ha! I then suggested he is young and likely sowing his wild oats and should therefore eat an oat bar.

His latest note is going to be hard to top:


lexiloo said...

wow! old and fat is hard to beat!

(your not either for the record)

Sarah Bellum said...

At least the lad had the sense to add a disclaimer to the bottom. He may be young, but he already knows how women work. Now if only I could figure out how men work.

mrs.ak said...

He probably thinks you are PHat though

Sra said...

Nature Valley granola bars are the best! They don't go stale because they are already hard as a rock. But they are still good.