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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shaking it for Baby Jesus

It was a rough night last night. It started when I couldn't drive up my brother's semi-steep driveway due to massive amounts of snow, immediately followed with forgetting the garage code.

When we finally got into the house the alarm went off. I couldn't get it to stop and Carter immediately started to cry. Followed by Hannah yelling because Carter wouldn't stop crying. Ten very loud minutes later I convinced the alarm company I wasn't there to harm the children, because if so, I wouldn't have done it already.

I knew there was only one thing that would cheer the little buggers up: "Baby Got Back."

And it so, so did: The fact the kids now know the word horny guarantees I'll never be asked to stay overnight with the kids again. It was totally worth it.


hjustin said...

Um, question: is that an ACOUSTIC version of the song? You know, to make it more "kid friendly"?

Midge said...

Too Cute! They look so old now, I know I just saw them a couple months ago. You will always be their favorite aunt no matter what you teach them, or maybe because you teach them that stuff.

linden x said...

Richard Cheese!

It does make it sound more kid-friendly, even though the lyrics don't change (see the Nirvana cover that begins "this one's for all the ladies!).

Charlotte in Pa said...

You really should check out Jonathan Coulton's version. WAY too funny!

Go here to see it live:

Or here to listen to it:!