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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sniffing is soooo 2007!

Maddie and I welcomed 2008 by kissing our shared date. He's a very lucky lad even if he does need to be constantly reminded of this. He's laughing because I licked him. As far as personal space violations go I think he had it easy. I'm the one who was sniffed earlier in the evening.

Yes, sniffed.

Drunk people tend to overlook personal space rules, which is normally fine but when my ponytail is picked up and sniffed I tend to get a little creeped out. However, I coped with a bottle of wine and felt much better.

I hope everyone had a great night!


GEORGE! said...

You both look pretty. I love the pony tail.

PS you fail at friendship for not posting your list.

mrs ak said...

he was indeed loving midnight and started 2008 remarkably well...but i still prefer the elmo picture

ak said...

happy new year everyone!

egan said...

This is one very lucky guy.

erat said...

Wow, I never knew parties like that happened in Utah. Perhaps I shouldn't have moved to Portland?

Happy 2008!

Melliferous Pants said...

Your ponytail looks delicious.