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Saturday, January 26, 2008

In which I steal Arlo's word

I met the girl Ben has been dating last night.

In the past I've never really liked any of the girls he's introduced me to. Essentially it's the same girl over and over, just with a different name. The new girl, K, was nothing like the others. She had personality, style, and wasn't nervous around me. In the past that's been a problem. Ben claims the others have always been intimidated by me, but I think that's a bullshit excuse for having zero personality.

K easily won me over in two simple acts: 1) she remembered what I wanted from Starbucks when Ben couldn't, and 2) she pulled a flask out of her purse five minutes into the Sundance movie we were seeing.

In the reality show of Ben's life. I vote K all the way.


a said...

A flask at Sundance? I vote for her too!!!

Ashley said...

are you feeling ok? This isnt my friend i know so well

Anonymous said...

Anyone is better than the last brother's pick.

Sarahbellum said...

a: I know! Can you believe I left my pink flask home every single movie?

ashley: I know! But, in my defense, she is pretty cool. It could be worse, much, much worse as we both well know.

anon: I have a LOT of brothers, so not exactly sure which brother you're speaking of. Matt's wife is the sister I always wanted and finally got! Jeff's wife makes him really happy, which as a sister, I appreciate.

Sterkworks said...

What a brilliant idea. The flask. It gives me inspiration for other uses in other social situations.

Sarahbellum said...

sterkworks: I recommend a flask for many, many activities. You should try taking one to work, I know a couple people who'd visit your offices more often.