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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Presidential Pop Stars

I love this post!

It reminds me of the great Hillary Duff incident of ’06.

I was standing in line when the woman behind me commented on my Hillary ‘08 shirt, “Oh My God, I loooooove Hillary Duff. She’s coming in ’08? That’s so exciting!”

Had she been a kid I’d have gone along with her, but she was a middle-aged woman. She should have known better. “No, this is a Hillary Clinton shirt. You know the Hillary who isn’t twelve?”

I could have been nicer, I guess, but I was just annoyed since that encounter wasn’t the first. In hindsight, I should have just bought the Duff shirt and been done with it.


Sra said...

I always marvel when I find out that people that stupid really do exist. At least we get to make fun of them.

el viajero said...

sra - Too bad the number of people that stupid clearly outnumber the even modestly informed citizens. The fun we get to make of them only masks the angst, pain, and occassional dreams of fleeing to Canada.

girlsnap said...

Please don't tell me you're actually going to vote for that woman.

Actorgirl said...

I should be shocked, but unfortunately, I'm not. Really, truly sad. I wonder how many people who have voted (or are getting ready to vote) have watched ANY of the debates or read ANYTHING about the candidates.

Meanwhile, Go Hillary! :)