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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Venting Session Update

Winter: still here. Still sucks. Silver lining: great reason to buy cute coats and boots.

Burn: still hurts. Silver lining: Barbie Band-Aids!

Construction: Still loud. Silver lining: ______!

Math: Pissed about having to install Windows on my computer, but thankful for friends who offer great advice. Silver lining: own a cool new computer with plenty of space for installation.

In other news, it’s one day closer to the weekend! And the weekend brings two birthday parties. Neither of which are for me, but both are great guys who are smart enough to know to provide wine and chocolate cake, right?


Sra said...

I wonder if wine and chocolate cake are good together?

I second the cute coats and boots thing. Well, I don't actually buy boots, but I buy lots of coats and scarves, and those are winter's only redeeming qualities.

You might try some ear plugs for the loud construction. Ever since I noticed how bad my hearing has gotten since my youthful concert binging days, I try very hard to protect what little hearing I have left.

theorris said...

If it is the same school you were attending last fall, it is very interesting since their distance ed director just bought a fancy new Mac. God help him if he boots Windows on that thing. I am sorry you have to be subjected to it too.

Sarahbellum said...

sra: Wine is good with everything. Even cold cereal. And winter hats, love those! Construction is nearly over, thankfully.

theorris: Yes. That pisses me off even further for some reason.