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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Venting Session

I’m in a bad mood today. While I don’t have one specific reason, I have dozens that would suffice. Though for the sake of your sanity, I’ll list the top four.

Winter: I’m so over it! I’m sick of being cold; I’m tired of wet shoes and pants; I’m annoyed there is no decent parking because of snow drifts the size of my car.

Construction: The office suite next to mine has been in a state of construction for what feels like an eternity. It’s loud; It’s distracting; It’s dirty; It’s loud; I can’t walk down the hall without having someone in my way and also being in their way; Oh, and it’s LOUD!

Burns: I have a burn on my hand from attempting to make bread pudding. DISASTER! This was over a week ago and the burn is only getting worse. And yes, I’m applying Neosporin ALL THE TIME, but it’s still getting worse. I suspect I contracted a flesh eating disease from either a) the construction disaster or b) God.

Math class: Really, do I need to explain this? The fact I can’t log into the class because I own a Mac computer. How can an institution of higher education not have a system in place for both a Mac and PC. Totally and completely fucking retarded. I can say fuck, I’m in a bad mood. In fact, I can yell it loudly, but you wouldn’t hear me because of the construction.

And yes, Mom, I know you raised me better, but frankly fuck being raised better.


Sra said...

That's rough, I'm sorry.

Just two more months and we can have spring at last. I can't wait for winter to be over either because my car doesn't like to start in the cold. And that worries me because I really don't want to buy a new car.

Shad said...

Sometimes you just have to say: fuck. good for you. We all have days like that. I hope at least the bread pudding turned out good.

Lisa said...

Yeah I couldn't even get out of bed today so good for you for getting over that obstacle!!!

Anonymous said...


Lisa B. said...

I heard about the mac problem from one of my students--you are right that it's ridiculous. The snowdrifts taking up the parking lot are also ridiculous. In fact, there's a lot of ridiculousness going around. I think we should all take a vacation while someone (else) looks into that.

ak said...

you've got an intel-mac. Get Parallels! As far as the cold - you still need to get up on the snowboard, at least this way you can have one reason to like cold...

Anonymous said...

Your Mac probably has Bootcamp. Try that.

Anonymous said...

The construction use to be louder when they first started doing it. It's actually a lot quieter now.

Sarahbellum said...

sra: Two months feels like two years right now.

shad: Sadly the bread pudding looked like dog vomit when I finished. It was so terrible, in fact, a friend swore he'd never eat bread pudding again. Ever!

lisa: I'd have killed to stay in bed, too!

anon: You do realize that isn't always the explanation for bad moods, right? RIGHT?!

lisa b: Ridiculous. Seriously.

ak: Done. Thanks to you! And I promised Mrs. AK I'd go this year. So I have to. She'll take away my wine otherwise.

anon: Crapcamp takes up too much space.

eric: Liar. I cannot wait for them to leave.