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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Healing Power of Vodka

Sundance rocked my world last night. Unfortunately, not in a good way.

I went to the SLC screening of Henry Poole is Here, thanks to The Yuppie, who at the last minute he was unable to attend. In an attempt to stick to my Sundance theme I took another ex. Little did I know the Gods of Sundance already had that covered. Sitting down I saw a man I dated years ago who I had very much cared for.

In one room I had two men who not only broke my heart, but stomped a version of the Cha-cha-cha on it. Well, if either of them could dance. Which they can't.

Despite too many memories in one room without the coping help of an IV drip of vodka, I was able to concentrate on Luke Wilson's hotness. Which in a way, was a small triumph for me. The unexpected ex was an undying fan of all things Wilson.

During the closing credits I planned my exit strategy. Typically, I don't mind running into men I once dated, but the thought of these two particular men meeting made my skin crawl.

Tonight is the final night I'll be attending films, and as much as I have enjoyed seeing fims I'll be thrilled for the festival to end. My heart and I need some time alone. With, of course, above mentioned vodka.


The [Cherry] Ride said...

Yay for vodka. I'm keeping a flask in my medicine cabinet.

Sra said...

Ouch. You know you're truly over someone when you can randomly run into them and not feel a twinge of pain in your chest. Sometimes that never happens, though.

Anonymous said...

You're better off without them. They are the ones who should be sneaking out, letting you go was a bad idea.

Keep your head up. You'll find the perfect man for you. It just takes a while.

a said...

Vodka is and always has been the universal cure all.

Sarahbellum said...

cherry ride: Brilliant. I think I'll do the same.

sra: You're right, sometimes that never happens and sometimes that's okay too.

anon: That's very kind. Thank you!

a: Agreed!