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Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Time Warp that is Delta

A friend and I drove to Delta yesterday for the demolition derby extravaganza. Sadly, Country Carl didn't take part like he did in last year's derby. But at least he got to sit with us this year, which gave him ample opportunity to explain all things derby to my friend.

My favorite part of the evening was not timing the drive home so perfectly we saw six different small town firework shows; it also wasn't the margarita snow cones I've so brilliantly made my summer drink; nor was it sneaking into the Delta bar when no family members were in sight; my favorite part wasn't finding cinnamon flavored Sun Chips.
Can you guess what my favorite part was:Yes, the program with the wrong year was the highlight of the trip!


Anonymous said...

Well the way I see it, I got to "celebrate" Canada Day on 2 different 'days', you can certainly celebrate Independence Day in two different years. You Americans...always trying to be bigger and better....:)

Tara said...

I love it when you take "city" people to the derby in the desert.. They either think we rock or they think we are rednecks.. It's never an in between thing.. So was that a real program from this year?? If so they probably feel like complete asses right now, and hey who could blame them.. Good Times Good Times...