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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

derby days

celebrating independence day properly is important when you played the part of a country girl in your past life, and nothing screams americana louder than a small town demolition derby.
following tradition i painted my name on country carl's car, happily i might add--as he chose to have a pink car this year.
watching the cars wreck their way into a championship round is a good time, however, i'm just as happy listening to johnny cash playing over the pa system. and these people? they're just happy to have a place to stand for the national anthem.
sadly, the power of pink wasn't quite enough to bring the trophy home. carl was able to get his car out of the arena with the help of a few pals, this guy...wasn't so lucky!thanks to all those who sat with me mullet free, also thanks to the door guy for looking the other way when i dragged in a purse full of alcohol. the country just isn't the country without a little buzz going on, right??


Mikey said...


Small-time motor competitions are kewl. Last summer I went to a stock car race at the local 5/8 mile and we were swilling beer in the parking lot beforehand (contravening some very obvious signage) when the sheriff came by. He was rightfully annoyed. He told us to "be discreet" and left us alone, instead of cracking our skulls as we deserved. Kewl. We had a blast.


Anonymous said...

You are too cute! Great pictures!!

dennis said...

Standing on the cars is classic country.

theorris said...

They actually searched your purse? Do they fear al-Qaeda will make its way to the Intermountain West to wreck havoc on a demolition derby?

Now that would be a cool news story.

Melliferous Pants said...

I've never been so jealous.

Simon J. said...

Did you get a Sno-Cone?

forklift girl said...

its country carl!!!! my old tenant who walked in on me trying to [not] burn down the house. great post.

sarahbellum said...

mikey: i hate discreet.

anon: thanks!

dennis: i laughed.

theorris: i am sure most weren't searched, but i did grow up there...which means they remember my youth. i should be searched.

pants: can't blame you. come next time.

simon: nope, but i did have a burger!

forklift-free girl: i love the country carl!