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Thursday, July 27, 2006

pug roast, byob!

my place doesn't have ac, making this past week nearly unbearable. i'm lucky enough to be able to escape the heat and spend my day in an air-conditioned office. daisy, however, isn't so lucky. she's found the coolest spot in the house to be the kitchen floor--where she's taken up camp. slowly but surely, she's dragged her "good" toys and "wet soggy stick to the bottom of my foot" bones there with her.she rotates sides, but beyond that there is no movement. but, i've found she will be coaxed away with ice cubes, or diet treats as we call them at my house.
global warming sucks, i need to move.


slcup said...

Two words: window unit. It saved my life.

Anonymous said...

Princess is right on the dot. I've recently purchased one as well. Do yourself and Pug a favor and go. Now.

j-man said...

Its hot yo!

Dennis said...

Poor pug is panting.

I like that you are feeding her ice cubes. That is original and must help keep her cool. Be careful cuz pugs aren't meant to be in the heat.

Jennyjenjen said...

Yeah you need to Colorado!!!
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Even the dog toys are pink? Obsessive much?

sarahbellum said...

princess & anon: i need to.

jman: word.

dennis: i'll keep an eye (no pun intended) on the little hot dog.

jen: only because you have ac!

anon: i'm glad someone finally commented about her toys. of course there is pink, however, did you notice the eyeball? yup, she's got a ball that looks like an eye. i love playing with it at the park, "daisy go get your eye"...that always throws people for a loop.

Aimee said...

I think Lora taught Daisy the toy-dragging bit. At least your dog can use ceramic tile's marvelous ability to retain a low surface temperature as an excuse. My human child has no excuse.