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Sunday, July 30, 2006

it's a purse, it's a bible, it's super-religion!

suddenly i'm feeling the need for religion in my life (calm down jb), it's just a phase i'm going through-- a pink induced phase. what girl wouldn't agree to attend church with the promise of a pink bible-purse. i'm so in.

scripture accessories-- that's way better than knee shorts and mo'bows!


Jennyjenjen said...

Where did you find that at? I need it.
Knee shorts are actually kind of cute ya know! ;)

Cornflake girl said...

I attend church weekly, can I get one of those as a reward?

JB said...

Making religion fashionable again. I'm all for it. Just beware of pride creeping in. I'm sure that it's hard to be humble at church when you're sporting an accessory like that.

Anonymous said...

I will buy it for you if you come sit next to me at church. I need to make the men in my EQ jealous. You would surely do the trick.

sarahbellum said...

jen: costco.

cornflake: sure, and when you find someone to get you one pick up mine. please.

jb: humble is not part of my vocab.

anon: deal.