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Sunday, July 09, 2006

fast sunday

aimee and i met our favorite punk rock couple for drinks last night. we were having a standing argument over which club is better: golden trails or southern exposure. (for the record, southern wins hands down, or tits up as the case may be.)

i mentioned that i'd been asking where to find stripperoke and hadn't yet received an answer. drop dead chris is stunned into silence, NOT a usual occurrence. after a moment i get the well, i hope god give you an answer soon, because i'd really like to go.

yeah, that's right...sometimes after a couple beers the simple word asking sounds amazingly enough like fasting to confuse even the coolest of kids.

i'll be sure to blog back about the god-given answer soon!


Anonymous said...

L-A-M-E - Lame!

dennis said...

Miss Bellum please ignore the "LAME" comment. This guy finds the post pretty damn funny.

Jen said...

I agree with Dennis. The post is pretty damn funny, as are you.

Anonymous said...


Mikeymikemike said...


They have stripperoke in SLC?? No effin way!!

Damn, I'm comin' down there and checkin' this out. If you need me, I'll be at the Tori Amos stage, flinging wads of cash. And if they do PJ Harvey, that's it, I'm moving.


Cornflake girl said...

I've never heard of stripperoke but count me in!

Dave said...

while i'd probably show up for tori amos and pj harvey, i'll pay top dollar for shirley manson (garbage 2.0 era) and gwen stefani (tragic kindom era).

sarahbellum said...

anon: you're lame, what was that?

dennis: thanks, i can always count on you to back me up!

jen: you're my girl.

anon: yay for not lame-ness!

mikey: they certainly do, wanna come?

cornflake girl: field trips are in order.

dave: mmmmm....gwen. i heart her. she is my top lesbian crush.

j-man said...

You are killing me again.

-jd said...

Try the "body shop" on 33rd right off the freeway. The girls just dance TO the bad karaoke. They unfortunately don't dance and sing which would be the best thing ever.

Hope that helps.

Dainon said...

And all this time I figgered we were the ones who sang while they danced around us. Pair bad singers with bad dancers and you have yourselves a match, right? Right.

Take me with you.

sarahbellum said...

jman:i do what i can!

jd: million dollar?

dainon/elvis: consider it done.

-jd said...

No, it's a new place called the body shop. Saturday night Stripperoke.

It's like 33rd and 4th west-ish.

I hope you really are looking for it 'cause it does amazingly exist.

sarahbellum said...

of course i'm really looking. i'll report back.

Candace said...

As soon as you find out...we're making an office trip of it ;)