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Friday, July 27, 2007

My Lack of Communication Skills

I started going grocery shopping with Marky. For two reasons: 1) He always drives, and 2) I don't have to talk to people, therefore keeping the name calling to a minimum.

So yesterday when the following conversation took place:

Mark: Wanna go to myer frank at some point today?
Me: I need cottage cheese, so yes.
Mark: Cool. I'll ping ya when I get out of the movie

I didn't think twice about it, until I got in the car.

Me: I brought my library books to return since it's right by the grocery store.
Mark: Ok. Did you want to go to the grocery store too?
Me: I thought we were going to Fred Meyers.
Mark: Um, no I said Myer and Frank, and besides there's no such thing as Fred Meyer anymore, it's Smiths now.
Me: Shit. So it didn't dawn on you I was confused when I said something about cottage cheese.
Mark: No. Cottage cheese is a major part of our lives now.

And he's right. Since I'm addicted to cottage cheese, I forced my addiction onto him. It's just easier that way.


Anonymous said...

I love the Marky!

Marjorie said...

Doesn't Marky know that Freddy's will always be Freddy's even if the name on the building says Smiths.

theorris said...

There is also no such thing as Meyer and Frank anymore. It is now Macy's.

Anonymous said...

If he eats what you eat keep him.

Otaku Umemoto said...

There you go forcing "woman food" on a perfectly healthy male. Next, he'll have YOU chugging PBR with cheese doodles.

Sarahbellum said...

anon: Who doesn't...

midge: I know, yet he refuses to call it that. Lame.

theorris: So I sorta win, right?

anon: Um, he's not a pet.

otaku: PBR is already part of my diet, the cheese doodles however, are not.

Mark said...

Heh. Yeah...

My text/chat convos with Sarah never fail to produce wonderful confusion.

BTW... It took me like three years to stop calling Smith's, Fred Meyer's. I suspect it will take another couple years or so to stop calling Macy's, Meyer & Frank.

Moral of the story... don't assume I ever know what I am talking about. :P