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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Note to Self: Don't Die"

Everything is right in my world again. I've been stressing lately over shit that really shouldn't matter.

Tonight was spent in the best of company: four of my closest female friends all at the same concert. If Jen had been there my girl world would have been complete.

Ryan Adams was great, but the part that really had me in antics was sitting near Dooce. I assume everyone knows her, after all she's achieved rockstar status in my book. When I started doing my excited dance my friends strained their eyes looking around for Ryan Adams. When I pointed Dooce out to them, I got a collective "who?" OMG people, DOOCE! I was shocked. When I explained who she was they all sorta looked at her and shrugged. Sue, being perfect, couldn't understand my fascination. "Sarah, you're way prettier." Of course, she's my friend and has to say that. Aimee then pointed out her "gross shorts." This is when I realized how lucky I really am--I'll always be the prettiest blogger in their minds.

And for that, I love them even more.


Anonymous said...

What a cool concert it was!

Melliferous Pants said...

I might have had an accident if I saw Dooce.