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Monday, July 16, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Not a damn thing if you ask me! If you ask my friend Justin, however, he'll tell you how "quirky" it is that I keep my coffee pot in the fridge. (And by quirky he means weird as hell.)

I like iced coffee, why wouldn't I put it in the fridge?

After I explained he still laughed at me. See if I ever invite him over for lunch again.


lindenx said...

Duh! Of course you put iced coffee in the fridge! And what's even awesomer is that it remains strong as heck because the actual ice doesn't melt so much when you finally add it.

theorris said...

Are you sure he wasn't amused by keeping the Absolut in the fridge? Everyone knows you keep Absolut in the freezer.

Charlotte said...

i was going to say that the yoplait shouldn't be light. it should be whipped. mmmm.

Justin 2 said...

That's the best way to make iced coffee. It's perfectly sensible. But more importantly, is that bottle of Absolut unopened?

Anonymous said...

Holy gads even your refrigerator has pink stuff. What's in the pink box? The other one I recognize. My sister uses it. Looks like spray salad dressing tastes like crap.

Part of the Plan said...

Concur with theorris. Vodka belongs in the freezer. Stuffed cocktail olives go in the fridge.

Sarahbellum said...

Lindenx: I know, huh?

Theorris, J2 and Part of the Plan: Please refer to today's post.

Charlotte: I've never tried those ones, maybe I'll have to. I accidentally tried the thick & creamy ones and nearly choked on my spoon. Icky texture!

Anon: It's a box of white wine that Midge brought me years ago. It's pink, therefore it stays.

theorris said...

It is all cool, as they say.

Old school!