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Monday, July 09, 2007

My Weekend Likes & Dislikes

Things I disliked:
friendship triangles
butt sweat at the gym (on myself and others)
buying a yellow orchid and knowing i have to give it away
having brockstar out of town
paying $1 for a cup of ice at the jazz fest
only having one glass of wine left and knowing the liquor store is closed

Things I liked:
port wine cheese
yellow orchids
bloody mary potato chips
the movie once and the mighty heart
making little ak giggle
"sinatra and friends" playing at the jazz fest
new sunglasses


Shad said...

you crack me up. oh yeah thought i'd mention the icecream was outstanding the other night and I had a lunch date today. call me greedy, but it's good to have both.

An Old Friend said...

I love bloody mary potato chips sarah! You should bring some when you travel this way! (hint, hint)