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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Family First

When my Uncle Cabbage Patch says jump, I jump, or blog as the case may be. He's requested I blog the ten stupidest things I've done in my life. In my typical self-deprecating manor I've decided to comply. I'm sure there are far more stupid actions on my part, but these are the first that come to mind:

1. Not finishing college the first time around.
2. Not finishing college the second time around.
3. Giving my cheating boyfriend a second chance--"be ye not so stupid."
4. Getting a checking account at 20. Little did I know what bouncing a check would do to the rest of my life.
5. Staying in a dead end job longer than I should have.
6. Letting my temper (Nielson Charm) get the best of me. For example, throwing a drink at one of my best friends in anger.
7. Not taking advice from my parents.
8. Attempting an adult relationship at 21. Enough said.
9. Perms.
10. Not spending enough time with Tim, therefore resulting in way too much guilt when he died.

**Now remember Uncle CP, the above is my version of stupid, not my dad's version. I imagine he wouldn't be able to narrow it down to 100 let alone 10. Also, you're still reading this thing? Why not call and invite me out to dinner to hear about my life in person. Just a thought...


Shad said...

what a great subject for a blog, can we gleam the idea and use it ourselves? BTW, Perm is a horrible answer.

Midge said...

11. Never gave into your lesbian tendencies and hooked up with Midge.

and shad, perm is an excellent answer, obviously you're mother never gave you an afro that took 2 years to grow out.

Sarahbellum said...

Shad: Yes, play along. Send your thanks to Uncle CP. All his idea.

Midge: Thank you for correcting Shad. A perm is indeed a stupid, STUPID thing.