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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Letter to my Missionary Brother #2

Dear Chady-Bear, 7.22.07

I got your letter AND EMAIL asking for more letters. This is the part where righteous indignation kicks in. I am sending you letters! This is the second one in a month. That’s way more then I ever sent Ben—granted Ben can’t read, but still…

(Please note I used the word righteous, I’m trying to think of key words the MTC will approve of.)

I’ve got a proposition for you: I’ll gladly send you one (or more) letters per month, but they’ll also get posted on my blog. I can hear you freaking out, but it’s not really that bad. I’m not posting your letters, though I will sometimes blog about something if it’s funny enough, like the woman’s underwear you found in your ALL MALE MTC DORM! Now, that’s funny and worth mentioning, but I promise you all the religions stuff you write I won’t blog, because it’s private and boring. Deal?

So I have a confession to make. (Confession, yet another MTC approved word!) Remember the day of your farewell and you told me not to read the letter you were sending your mission president? I did anyway. Sorry, but I’m way too nosy, and once you told me not to of course I had to. But it’s not all bad. I saw what sweet things you wrote about me. If I remember correctly it was that I’m a super funny sister even if I’m not a “real Mormon.” I couldn’t help but laugh. You’re pretty funny yourself.

Things here are mostly good. My computer Chia pet died this week. Twice. Seriously how I can keep a dog alive is a miracle. I went and saw Transformers. It was okay, but more your style of movie. What’s that? You want to see it, but can’t? Ha ha, that’s what you get for picking God over real life.

So how are things going there anyway? I can’t imagine having to learn a language in three months. I just saw on the news the Nephi fire is still a huge threat. I guess you’re not praying enough. Better get right on that, it’s getting pretty close to mom and dad. I’m sure they are fine, but my easy bake oven is at their house and I don’t want to have it in danger.

Sorry Bear, but I don’t have a picture to send you this time. I know you want one of Daisy and me together. I’ll get one sent soon. I promise. Ben said to tell you hi. Apparently that’s supposed to count as a letter—his words not mine. When are you leaving for Japan? I need to make room in my apartment for all the cute pink Hello Kitty stuff you’re going to be sending.

Well I need to get to bed, I’m old and this past weekend held way too many late night activities for me.

Love and miss you.



el viajero said...

An easy bake oven? There's a present in which the box got more use than the gift itself. Hope knows no bounds...judging from the multiple recalls on the easy bake oven, fire officials might now have a lead on the source of the Salt Creek fire...

alecia said...

ya know, my mission would have been a lot better and more entertaining had i known you AND had you written me.