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Saturday, June 10, 2006

"we're watching a recreation of an event that never occurred".

86,000 mullets
25,000 handlebar mustaches
countless george hamilton worthy women
family of 7 dressed in matching florescent pink tee-shirts
2 seemingly normal people

that's right, i'm accounting for the general public at the air show yesterday.

when you know people in high places, you're privy to some behind by scenes action: you're able to walk past the "red line" which is guarded with heavily armed men. you're good to go unless you're not paying attention and decide to walk through a dog demonstration on your way back, and by you're i'm referring to me. i know what you kids are thinking, sarah...not pay attention, never!

the highlight of the day was being able to see the jets up close! my favorite being the f16, this is nothing new as i've been obsessed since i watched iron eagle for the first time. it was an incredible experience being able to sit in the cockpit of well as stand mere feet away as it took off--what an incredible rush!
seeing the kids intently playing with their new toy jets, yet stopping midair to look in awe as a pilot walked by was heartwarming (yes, i'm a secret sap). i guess i'm not the only one with too many jet flicks in their past, or maybe star wars since that's exactly where the below stealth looks like it came was a fantastic day, one that i'm going to remember for quite some time, thanks flyboy!!!


Dave said...

i guess i don't feel so bad about being excited about the antonov an-124 i caught at SLC international last week (or the royal jordanian a340...)

Anonymous said...

You said "cock"!

dennis said...

Very cool Miss Bellum!

Anonymous said...

You look damn hot in a jet! Consider an AirForce career?

Mikey said...

Dear Ms. Bellum--

Wow, you look gorgeous in an F-16!!Hey baby, can I have a ride? [hopeful expression] ha!


Anon1 said...

And here we have our very own Flygirl. Way to go girl!

sarahbellum said...

dave: the bigger the better, airplanes that is.

anon: shhhh....don't tell the mom.

dennis: i certainly think so!

anon: i didn't know they let liberals into the armed forces...

mikey likes it!

anon1: fanks and stuff!