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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

department of fishing and drinking

when traveling to vegas with an old fratboy you can count on one of two things: a) stopping by the frat house for a "quick" bathroom break, or b) stopping by the favorite college watering hole. please note i use old fratboy in humor, as there is no such thing, once a fratbrat always a fratbrat. this is one of those things that men just can't let go of, frat stories and remote controls, whatever.i threw a fit until i saw the sign, this girl is always up for a good beaver bar!


D. said...

Where is this place?

ace said...

Cool Pix

That One Guy said...

Dam, nice beaver.

t. said...

Ahhhh. Beaver dam. Reminds me of work. You failed to mention that Beaver dam is just a hop, skip, and a hump from the well named Virgin River. Here's a little fish biology humor for you, one of the fishes found in the Virgin, is a chub! The Virgin claim isn't so convincing when you're full of chubs. Maybe she's a "born again" Virgin, since they are endangered.

theorris said...

I really like that sign right before Beaver: "Now Entering Beaver."

Usually when that happens I don't need a sign to tell me.

Bah dum dum.

Justin 2 said...

And then there's this old favorite: When you drive south on I-15, you pass through Fillmore, then Beaver.

Fillmore, Beaver.

Damn that's a long-ass boring drive.

theorris said...

And don't forget Virgin is also in the mix. Filmore, Virgin, Beaver.

Man it is fun to live in Utah.

sarahbellum said...

d: the bar is outside of st. george in the mini town of beaver dam.

ace: thanks.

one guy: and the clever comments begin! yay!

t: sorry, i've been off with my humps lately.

theorris: good point, who needs the sign. isn't actually entering the beaver enough?

j2: another great observation!

theorris: utah, the not so mormon state!