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Thursday, June 22, 2006


thursday nights are my favorite night of the week, it's coffee club night; the girls and i meet at sbux every thursday. tonight we tried something new, a new venue, sorta--which will now be known as 'burb bux. you see, aimee retired and moved to the 'burbs, and i've been spending a significant amount of time out there as well, so it made sense to move the club.

in my life when something makes sense i should know to steer the hell clear, lesson learned. in the future, when i see motorcycles parked in front of sbux i'll know NOT to go in, because when you do you, find yourself amidst old men attempting hip-ness, this is never a good thing (remember that boys). i'm a chronic eavesdropper, so of course i was able to catch the tail end of their conversation. the topic: myspace and real estate, why you would mix the two is beyond me, but whatever. the argument was whether or not you could sell houses on myspace, or if it was indeed a porn site as they had heard on the news.

to clarify:
-beachcruisers and cruisers are not the same
-vespas are the official "bike" of sbux
-myspace isn't suicide girls
-real estate can be sold on craigs list



Lincoln said...

This is the news nerd in me coming out...but here are few facts.

More people are moving to the suburbs. Why? Is it that great out there? I hate commuting. Doesn't anyone like to live downtown.

Myspace just got sued by some 14 year old girl who says a guy she met on there raped her. I say forget myspace and get a blog. :)

dennis said...

Miss Bellum, you should stay away from the suburbs. You'll never find a suitable man there!

Anonymous said...

I had a Sarahbellum sighting at the downtown Starbucks, I should have said hello. Next time I won't be so intimidated with your beauty, I'll try.

Aimee said...

Dear Ms. Bellum,
There are downsides to the burbs. You've done an excellent job of pointing that out. My next vote: I have a coffee maker, a freezer, and more Dunkin Donuts coffee than I know what to do with. And a backyard. And brightly colored lawn chairs. And so... perhaps we should hide out there as to avoid my biker real estate boyfriends.