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Saturday, June 24, 2006

vegas, putting mormon protestors to shame since 1905.

sometimes a girl needs a little excitement, what place better to find it then vegas, right? i knew i was off to a good start when my cab driver was named joseph smith. there is a god, and he has the same sense of humor i do. praise that lord!


Anonymous said...


Laughing My Christian Ass Off.

alan said...

Good stuff!

God said...

Vegas is still there? I thought I took it out last Wednesday.

Me-damned Franklin Planners!

That's it, all Franklin Day Planner workers, their children, and their childrens children down to the seventh generation shall be smitten with boils AND hemmorhoids!

t. said...

Did I ever mention that my great, great grandy's settled the little Las Vegas? And San Bernadino. And Rexburg. Crazy Mormons.