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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"people go nuts over vacuums"

the geeks and i had a costco lunch. there is just something about the costco that pleases geeks and girls alike. we looked at industrial sized fans, patio covers, and fake beach bikes before settling on a dyson vacuum for the pmk house. i'm not exactly sure how shopping for patio covers and vacuums are related, but i'm sure somewhere in those geeky minds they are. i'm also unsure of what an extra lifetime filter is, does owning a dyson somehow bring you a longer lifespan or a second one altogether?

and is it just me or does bare floor tool sound a little dirty, not time to vacuum the crumbs off the floor dirty, but paris hilton dirty.

i'm confused.


AK said...

Typically with a little imagination, just about anything can sound dirty; with you, no more than a little is required.

Melliferous Pants said...

Yes, bare floor tool does sound like something you'd find on the position of the day menu.

Lincoln said...

I love Costco. Especially on sample day. I forego lunch on those days and satisfy myself on the many goodies available.

D. said...

Dirty girl.

pmk said...

So guess what? When I got home, there were 2 extreme liftime filters! I guess those filters will last well into the next millenium.

Justin said...

Are the filters really that extreme? I know it's a Dyson, but he just doesn't seem like an extreme kind of guy. Obsessed with sucking-- err suction, yes!

Mikey said...

Ms. Bellum--

"Floor?" Is that what you kids call it these days? Ha!


sarahbellum said...

ak: you're just jealous of my talent.

pants: makes me want a dyson!

lincoln: paradise!

d: no, i showered.

pmk: live dangerously, my friend.

justin: sucking can be an extreme sport too you know!!

mikey: among other things...