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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

original gangster

the infamous ltb is in town, which means murphy’s can finally make back some of that money they’ve no doubt been losing since the big bad move to dc. i decided to go out with the tommy entourage last night; these shakers move fast, when i finally met up with them they were on the third bar of the evening, shucks. after pointing out that i was the designated driver this showed up at our table:planned or unplanned? either way i remain impressed, that tommy sure knows how to show a fellow countryman a good time. oh and just so you know, "iced tea" may cause one to fall off their stool, sure you can blame the slick chair but i'm going to place blame on the tea brew. (this new drink brings out the best in people, and by best i mean best morbid stories!)

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Best morbid stories???