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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


why is it that co-workers think it’s ok to talk to me while in the restroom?

potty break means just that, a break! can't you just refrain from walking in and attempting to hold a conversation while i’m in a stall, especially when you’re discussing work. i'll ignore you, so really i guess it's like the rest of the day.

please, for the love of god…let me wipe in silence!


Ms Aimee said...

ohhhhh! i hate getting cornered in the bathroom!!! even when you're done with the stall some women want to just chat standing in the bathroom...not a chatty environment to me.

my sympathy, aimee

D. said...

Men talk in the bathroom as well, but stall time is alone time. Well known fact.

ace said...

No comment

JB said...

The only thing better is answering the cell phone in the stall and having a conversation with someone else!

Best to stick with the old-school wisdom: "eyes forward and silent the whole time."

sarahbellum said...

aimee: thanks for getting it!

d: good to know, i guess?

ace: umm, no comment was actually a comment, but whatever.

jb: actually, there is something even worse...finding a crackberry on the back of the toilet and having to return it with a straight face, this seems to have become a daily occurence here at the blank.

fity-dolla-bill said...

I read two other blogs in the last month that say the same thing. Should I take a hint, or should you find some more topics other than talk in the shitter? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop...? The world may never know.