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Friday, June 09, 2006

day tripper (pmk guest blog)

Sarahbellum walks by my office at least ten times a day. Not that I’m counting or anything, but during those strolls, she will generally trip and stumble at least once a week. Now, it would be one thing of she was actually stumbling on some sort of object, but the floor is totally flat in the spot she trips (right in front of my door). At first, I used to think she was tripping over the drain cover that sits a little to the right, but upon closer observation, she is actually tripping on nothing. It’s quite amusing, but someday I’m afraid I will have to pick up a bloodied Sarahbellum and escort her to the hospital with a broken nose. So here are a few suggestions, Sarah:

- Lower the floor.
- Don’t wear flip-flops to work.
- Cordon off the offending spot on the carpet that you trip on.

Or you could actually just pick up your feet when you walk.

**thanks for the advice pmk, however, i think you're just jealous of my pink 'roos!


D. said...

Do you trip in all shoes, or just flip flops?

Bryan said...

Look. No offense, but I'm just here to see Sarahbellum hot pics. While I do offer Kudos on your snappy office color scheme. I'm just here to get my daily Sarahbellum eye candy.

Ty said...

At least it gives you something to watch all day.

pmk said...

byran: look at this way; if we weren't looking out for Sarabellum's safety, her nose might not look so hot.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if you laugh out loud or just snicker at her each time?

Bryan said...

PMK. Point taken. Like I always say 'saftey first.' But I do think the post would have been more interesting (and more visually stimulating) if we could have had an action photo of Sarah 'mid-trip' with a Starbucks cup sloshing mid air, and a puzzled/surprised look (as in 'who is the dumbass who put that drain cover there?') on her face - What do you think?

sarahbellum said...

d: all shoes.

bryan: pmk is correct, i don't think i would quite be eyecandy material with a black and blue face.

ty: i'm here to provide entertainment for my famed geek squad.

anon: i'll field this question for pmk, he laughs.

Anonymous said...

The diagram within the picture is nicer than the actual picture. PMK's got to be an engineer.