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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Skin Suits and Therapy

Sarah: "Ben, you have to go see Juno ASAP, it's really good. Or Sweeney Todd. You can't beat a throat-slitting barber."

Ben: "I can't see that one. You know I'm scared of Tim Burton movies."

Sarah: "Still? You sort of an adult now."

Ben: "Sarah, I was four. Not exactly a movie to force a small child to watch over and over. This is totally your fault."

Sarah: "Well how was I to know you'd grow up to be a baby man."

Ben: "You have no room to talk, remember, you're terrified of Silence of the Lambs."

Sarah: "Because that is REAL! You could be a skin suit at any given time. Beetle Juice isn't real. Proving once again I'm way tougher than you."

Ben: "Perhaps tougher, but still in need of therapy. We really should get a therapist on staff for the entire family."


Sra said...

Juno is a really good movie. And Sweeney Todd is really good too, but it grossed me out, and so I didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Might I be a bit mean and recommend you somehow delete that
LADENEA chick from the twitter. My gawd she is boring as hell and who gives a rats ass about her computer problems.

Now I have vented!!!!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing to my brother!!