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Friday, December 14, 2007

Single-Handedly Supporting The Cyrus Family

Little AK loves Hannah Montana. She’s four, so I mostly refrain from making fun of her. When I got home yesterday there was brown package sitting on my doorstep. I got excited thinking maybe it was something that I had ordered last week for myself. No such luck. It was the singing Hannah Montana doll I ordered for Little AK’s birthday on Saturday, which reminded me I still needed to pick up her Christmas present. While Marky and I were out running errands yesterday I picked up CD for her. Yup, you guessed it, yet another Hannah Montana product.

As I was paying the cashier picked up the CD and said, “This is SUCH a great CD! I just love her music.” “Cool, but it’s not for me. It’s for a friend’s daughter,” I said. “Look lady, a lot of women your age buy this CD. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. It’s really good music.” At this point I was totally annoyed, why would I lie about it? Seriously. I proudly admit to listening to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer; clearly I have no problem admitting to horrible taste in music. “This music is for kids, it’s not really an adult genre. Can you just ring it up and let me go home please?” Without another word he did just that.

Fast forward to today.

I walk into my office and am just settling in when Ashley walks in and said, “I bought a Hannah Montana song on iTunes. It’s really, really good. You have to listen.” I made fun of her a little bit and then gave it a listen.

And you know what? That stupid cashier was right.


Ashley said...

um... that song IS really good. I know you ended up buying it.

GEORGE! said...

I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Jessica K. said...

1. My 28-year-old brother thinks Hannah Montana is one of the greatest shows on television. His child isn't due until April.
2. Cashiers should be trained not to say things like, "look lady, a lot of women your age..." It just comes across as rude.