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Thursday, December 13, 2007

IN This Week--The Dating Years--Issue#82

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Midge said...

That happened when I complained about not having any friends, I realized just how many friends I actually did have. Please don't worry about getting me anything this year. Just donate it to charity or your shoe fund. I got a papsmear for you this year, and I'm getting Kellee a dental check up, and Amy's getting Ike's 6 month check up, all care of our healthcare system.

Elizabeth said...

This is among the best articles I've read that truly help single gals to set the priority right.
We are loved - there are so many people who love us for who we truly are, who think we are still (or more beautiful) without any make up or sexy dress on, and who we don't have to hide our weakness/mistakes from. These are people we should open our checkbook and spend time to shop for.
Thanks for a great article that cheers the spirit of fellow single gals. More than 50% of U.S. women don't have a husband, so we are not alone. Let's also not ignore the fact that there are countries where the average age of women when they enter their first marriage has risen to 32 years old and keeps rising. These numbers speak profoundly that more and more women no longer see marriage as a necessity. We can take care of ourselves and have unconditional love and support from our loved ones. Yes, we'll go out and date. But, what's a happy ending of the dating years? The dating years are when we search for our true selves as well, not just to search for someone to enter a long term relationship/marriage with. We'll be happy if we find ourselves and are happy with ourselves, and if we find that there are so many loved those who truly loved us, isn't it?