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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blue Eyes

Yesterday was Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Ben sent me a text message reminding me, but I didn’t need a reminder. I’ve been in love with Sinatra my entire life. In fact, he’s the first crush I ever had.

My Grandma Leavitt played a lot of big band music when I was little, which explains my love of it. It reminds me of her, and now that she’s gone I really, really like having that reminder. The first time she played a Sinatra song I announced to her I was going to be in love with him forever. From that point on whenever I spent time at her house I wanted to listen to him. I used to put on a dress and sit and listen to his records. When my grandmother asked me why I needed a dress on, I said, “I need to be pretty in case he comes to marry me." And even though he didn't come to marry me, I still listen to his music obsessively all these years later.

My mother bought me the below Frank Sinatra doll a few years ago for Christmas. I love it! In fact if there were a fire in my apartment and I only had time to save a few things I’d save the doll, and my baby blanket. Depending on how much Daisy farted that day I may save her, but chances are the fire would be a direct result from her ass.


Midge said...

Ah the Sinatra Doll, I miss him. One of these years you need to host a Sinatra b-day party. We have a cd player that looks like your old radio and Ryan gets a kick out of putting one of Sinatra's first albums in and acting like it's the radio playing it.

Anonymous said...

That's sweet.

Becca said...

Oh I love the doll. My hubby is a huge Frank fan and I got him a framed print of Frank's mug shot for his office wall (he works in corrections so it's funny too) and he loves that.