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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Even the Brilliant Sometimes Forget

Jessica: How was the rest of your weekend?

me: Spectacular!

Jessica: Oh really? That's great! Do tell...

me: Ira Glass yesterday=BRILLIANT!

Jessica: Oh, right. My office mate, said the same thing. She has a crush on him.

me: Ditto!

Jessica: What did he talk about?

me: He was great. He played some of the better clips, talked about where he gets show ideas, gave advice on people doing their own documentaries.
BUT, forgot to proclaim his love for me, which was sort of annoying!

Jessica: That happened to me when I went to see Mo Rocca. I thought for sure I was going to become engaged that night. But no. He regaled us with his high kicks, and then went home.

me: People are retarded. Don't they know how fabulous we are?!

Jessica: I don't think they do. I can't speak for Ira, but I'm pretty sure Mo is blinded by his gayness.

me: I think Ira just forgot.

Jessica: He might have had a lot on his mind, what with performing and all. He'll probably call you today to apologize for being such a dork...

me: I've got my phone in my pocket, just in case. It'll happen.

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