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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jesus Drives a Prius

Sarah: "I decided how you can get Mom & Dad off your back about your hair. Next time they start complaining about how long it is, just tell them grown up Jesus had long hair."

Ben: "It wouldn't' work. I know Dad and he would say something about Jesus walked everywhere and that I never walk anywhere."

Sarah: "That's stupid. Jesus only walked because they didn't have cars. If they did Jesus would've certainly been driving."

Ben: "I wonder what Jesus would have driven."

Sarah: "Obviously a Prius. It just seems like a Jesus kind of car."

Ben: "Really? I don't see it. He probably would just have angels carry him around everywhere. Sorta makes me want to be Jesus."

Sarah: "Maybe you're right, but either way we've turned Jesus into a very lazy man."


Anonymous said...

Tis the season for Jesus. This is funny!

Midge said...

I have Jesus in the background because GIG means god is great! which appearantly is there inside joke and jesus is the closest picture I had to god. Are you sure Jesus wouldn't drive a bio diesel car.

ak ( said...

obviously Jesus would drive a carbon-neutral biodiesel car... or at least a natural gas civic which is cleaner than a prius and costs 63cents per gallon. Anyway, Jesus is a celeb who doesnt need to pretend he cares for the environment by buying a prius.

Sra said...

Personally, I can see Jesus on some old-school roller-skates. It's a hippie thing.

Dave said...

jesus actually drives a variety of cars and trucks, as seen here:

rockandcookies said...

I bet the pair of rocker Jesus boys we found ride bikes. And when they do drive, I bet they drive modified Volkswagens (not beatles, cool ones.)