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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Princess Christmas

My niece, Hannah, called me this morning to tell me that Santa brought her a brand new princess bed. She wasn't kidding. I drove down this afternoon to see for myself and found her cuddled up with her dolls wearing a velvet princess costume. I asked her if there was room for me and she looked up with the sweetest face and said, "Yes and always, but NOT EVER BEN!" Which is totally fine since when I walked out I noticed Ben in Carter's room begging him to trade beds. Not all surprising since Carter scored a race care bed. Ben is sorta weird and into all that Nascar crap.

Merry Christmas everyone! May you all be as happy as this little girl:
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Ben said...

So what, I like Nacar. I like it for the wrecks and rednecks. Who can say no to that kind of combo? Not me for sure.

leash said...

she is so cute.