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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

These Sheets

As I made my bed last night, I came to terms with the fact this is likely the last time I'll sleep on these sheets. These sheets that I brought home from my grandma's house after she died. These sheets that bring me comfort, no matter how crappy I feel. These sheets, with their crazy flower pattern, remind me that my grandma was spunky, even when she was sleeping.

Over the years, since her death, these sheets have gotten me through a lot of hard times. Seeing the sheets remind me that I come from a line of strong women, they could do anything, and so can I. When the corner ripped as I made my bed last night, I didn't feel quite so strong anymore, and I got a little teary-eyed.

I can’t throw the sheets out just yet. Instead I’ll lovingly pack them away knowing that if I ever need them they’ll be there for me—just like she would’ve been if she were still alive.


Anonymous said...

How incredibly sweet. I wish I had that sort of happy reminder of loved ones who have passed.

Ana said...

Cute sheets! Are they ripped beyond repair?

Anonymous said...

I heart you.

And the dry, twisted, sense of humor in me has to add:

"Don't worry Sarah, my dad's a TV repairman and he's got an AWESOME set of tools...We can fix it."

hjustin said...

Not to be all Martha Stewart or anything, but you could commission a nice Mormon to fashion the sheets into a quilt for you.

Anonymous said...

If those were your grandma's sheets she was a totaly funk goddess. Finally your heritage makes sense.

ak said...

continuing on hjustin's idea, you could always take the material and have shogo or maddie make you a bag or dress or case for your pink sleeve....

Anonymous said...

This is why you should never make your bed. Not only is it a total waste of time, it sometimes ends badly.

Anonymous said...

Missing family members is the worst feeling, especially around the holiday season. I'm sorry.

R.S. said...

you really do a lot of work on your
website,you deserve it. i too have
a story about favorite sheets,not
too mention dancing.
stopped by again,they still had mike on message for ben but wanted
to get the card to you,near the
poinsettas under the clementines.
feel like your big brother looking
out for my little mormon cub.

rockandcookies said...

I know some girls with serging powers who I am sure would be willing to help you fix the sheets.

Or there's AK's dress/bag idea.

Or I was thinking you could make a quilt with them.

My heart likes the repairing idea best because good grief, they are a treasure of both sentimental and holy-kitschy-greatness value.

nicole said...

I love this both because I sympathize and I admire your strength. I needed a reminder of something like this.

theorris said...

I had a similar experience with a quilt my late mother made me years ago when I went away to grad school. I packed it away last year. I'll never part with it.