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Friday, December 07, 2007

The Magic of Christmas

I've decided the best thing about the holiday season isn't the presents, the holiday lights or any of that tender baby Jesus crap; the best thing is manipulation. Something I'm quite fond of, but throw in the Santa factor and it's better then ever!

While watching my niece and nephew this week I was able to witness the miracle of Santa. Kids will do anything if you involve Santa.

"What's that? You don't want to go to Starbucks? Santa just called and said Auntie Sarah HAS to go to Starbucks right this second." The speed in which the kids ran for their coats was spectacular.

"No, you're not wearing cowboy boots to school. Why? Because Santa hates cowboy boots."

"You want chicken nuggets and not the PB& J sandwich I just made? Santa just sent me a text message and said you have to eat the sandwich, or else."

After two days of this the kids finally asked how I know Santa. Clearly the only thing to was lie. I told them Uncle Ben had gone to the North Pole on his mission. Carter piped up and asked if Ben, or Uncle Mean as he calls him, had baptized Santa. I told them Uncle Ben had indeed baptized Santa. They were in awe.

Later when my brother Matt got home Hannah told him that Uncle Ben had tried to kill Santa, which I guess is pretty accurate. Baptism is a lot like downing, only you just get cake after and not a trip in the ambulance.

Poor kiddo, first the Easter Bunny, now Santa? I'm really hoping the Tooth Fairy lives.


ak said...

LOL, starbucks and drowning santa - your brother clearly does not read your blog - lest you would not be watching his kids

mrs.ak said...

santa and birthday party threats are in full force here too - v. powerful disciplining tools indeed