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Sunday, February 18, 2007

a venting session

do you ever have those days where the smallest things nearly cause you to snap? yesterday was that day for me. it started out great, slcup and i had a successful shopping trip where i brought home polka dot shoes and a butterfly bag. we decided to make a night of it and hit the gateway for a movie followed up by drinks at iggy's.

after spending 30 minutes searching for parking in the garage my patience was lost. arriving at the theater the lines were absolutely insane. i went straight to the concession line thinking if i just had a diet coke i'd feel better. i gave up after 10 minutes and met slcup in the theater. we saw music and lyrics, despite my current hate of all things british i still love the very shaggable hugh grant!

i enjoyed the movie with the exception of old man fucker, who sat behind me and kicked my seat in sync with the music. which is unfortunate, because as the title implies there's a lot of music! it took every once of self control not to turn around and punch him. instead, i compiled the following list in my head.

movie theater no-no's:
1. never ever step on someone's beautiful new bag.
2. under no circumstances is it appropriate to play ddr on the back of someone's seat.
3. laying your feet across the seat of a complete stranger is not okay and just plain creepy.
4. text messaging during anything beyond the previews may result in your demise.
5. loudly fighting with your date is unacceptable--take your foreplay elsewhere.


Kerrith Black said...

I would add talking to the screen and bringing small children to anything that you have a reasonable expectation of experiencing sudden loud and jarring noises.

Brian said...

I'm still trying to get used to the whole 'reserved seating' thing that seems to be all the rage in movie theaters now as well. Is it in any other theaters than Miller's I wonder? It's gotta be about the dumbest idea to hit Utah since changing the HOV lane on I-15 and not telling anyone how they want you to use it "properly". But lets go ahead and reserve seats in theaters less than 30% full anyway. I wasn't even given a choice of the seat I wanted when I got my tickets on Friday night for a show. Moronic. Hope that didn't play into your evening too Sarah.

daniel said...

Unless it's a movie targeted for children don't bring them. I'd buy a more expensive movie ticket if the theater would provide inhouse daycare.

Dave said...

hey, what happened to your boycott of larry-land theaters? naughty naughty!

Lincoln said...

I saw Music & Lyrics this weekend too. Only we were in a nearly empty theater. I would have turned around and punched the guy (or meekly asked him to please stop).

Yarhg! said...

This is why there are internets.. Where i can download the latest DVDrip'd movies currently in the theater and watch them in the comfort of my own big screen sans idiot movie goers. Going to the movie theater is for noobs.

Yay internets!

slcup said...

Seriously, I hate parents that bring children to adult movies. Get a babysitter!

Bob said...

On the current thread of bringing children to innapropriate things, why, oh why, do people bring their little kids to a monster truck show? The kid can't appreciate it until he is 5, so you 3 month old is not going to like it, and you've ruined his hearing for life.

OK, now with some other movie no-nos, from my trip to the theatre yesterday (I saw two shows):

~Don't tell your neighbor that you've figured the movie out. Especially when it's loud enough the someone two rows in front of you who spent the weekend at monster truck shows can hear.

~Everybody knows what the Jepordy! theme song sounds like, and if we didn't we wouldn't get the joke. You don't need to tell us.

~Your asking your neighbor what the person said causes everyone to miss what they are saying NOW.

~If you need to explain what sex is to your five year old, maybe you're in the wrong movie for your kid. (Oh and it got explained, in more detail than I really care to share) Also, don't get upset at the theatre when your kid keeps saying "sock it to me" as you're leaving the film. You're the one who took your kid to the movie then explained the scene in detail to your kid.


sarahbellum said...

kerrith: agreed.

brian: i was less than thrilled when the seats were assigned. lame.

daniel: well said.

dave: it's just so convenient there. i know, i know...

lincoln: i'm jealous. empty theater sounds ideal.

yarhg!: but, i like the social aspect of the movie. sometimes.

bob: very good points. seems like you were at the same movie.