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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Wedding In The Family

My brother Jeff and his girlfriend announced their engagement over the weekend. I have a lot of brothers so to avoid confusion:

Matt: 30, married to Holli and father of Carter and Hannah.
Jeff: 26, soon-to-be married to Chrissy and while he got the looks in the family, his hair line is receding.
Ben: 23, married to his banjo and has gross facial hair.
Chady-bear: 19, baby of the family with a Japanese future.
Me: 31 going on 21, princess of the family (obviously!).

All caught up? Good. Moving on, Chrissy asked me via text message to be her bridesmaid. The truth is I’d do practically anything for a pretty dress and shoes!

But it got me thinking, is text messaging really an acceptable form of communication? Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of text messaging since I hate talking on the phone. However, for certain items of conversation I think a phone call is better. Is it me? Am I turning into an old woman, and if so do I have to get cats?

Congratulations guys! I’m going to be a step-aunt to a hula dancer! And you can’t beat that.


slcup said...

Texts are appropriate for quick conversations about bars/meals, tv, shoes and booty calls. Anything else should be communicated over the phone.

Jeff said...

You won't be the step auntie dork. You are Auntie Sira!!

Jen said...

Hey, look who you're calling a dork, dork.
Congrats to you Jeff! Seems like yesterday you were the little boy I let drive my parents car in the church parking lot. Time goes by way too fast...

Melliferous Pants said...

I don't think texting is an appropriate way to ask someone to be in your wedding.

You don't have to get real live cats to be a crazy old lady. I find my imaginary cats to be just as effective. (And frightening.)

Dave said...

if it makes you feel better, a friend of mine told me about her engagement via a text message. i was a bit miffed.

Anonymous said...

NO way! How tacky.

Jeff said...

I would have asked via text message considering you NEVER answer your phone! JEN I LOVE YOU AND HAD THE BIGGEST CRUSH WHEN YOU LET ME DRIVE YOUR CAR IN THE PARKING LOT!!

Aimee said...

Text messages are crap in general, I've decided. Today I hate text messages almost enough to cancel my mobile phone and get a landline in order to avoid them. Funny story: Girl has a slight emotional outburst on her boyfriend (or whatever you want to call him) on Sunday. Things feel shakey for a couple of days. Tuesday night, while bowling, she sends a text "I suck" ... obviously referring to the fact that her high score was 62. Well, "I suck" looks totally different to the boy when the text finally beeps its way into his phone at 2:40am. Oh and by "funny story" I mean "Totally not funny story because now the girl looks like an emotional psychopath".

Lincoln said...

I'm jealous of those who can text message fast. It seems like now matter how hard I try...I'm always slow at it.

Don't make fun of your poor brother's receding hairline. I can sympathize and I'm devastated.

Bob said...

Personally, I use texting when a phone call is inappropriate. Here are the times I send a text:

~In reply to a text (but only if the sender also followed the following rules)
~To ask "are you available to talk?"
~When I'm on the bus/TRAX or in a meeting.
~To make smart-aleck comments during church with ddr.