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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

snow day

sorry guys, i had no idea my mood affected storm patterns. i must be magic! it took me nearly an hour just to get to the freeway this morning. here's the intersection i was stuck at:which only ben will find ironic. last spring he asked me every single day to go to the banjo store with him. i refused every single day. the kid is already weird, buying a banjo was not going to help his image. of course, he's a brat and didn't listen--as you can see here.


slcup said...

You can wait 10 minutes at that intersection on a good day, let alone a day like today. Stupid snow.

Linden said...

I know that intersection well, I used to live a few blocks from there. Heard y'all had some crazy weather when I tried to call someone at the U and found they'd had early dismissal (which NEVER happened in my 4.5 years of living there.)

Jen said...

snow sucks.