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Thursday, February 15, 2007

the party circuit: getting my geek on. column 2/15/07

go here to read my party girl column!

i woke up this morning to an inbox full of emails asking how my valentine's day date went last night. you can read all the details in my column next week, but i will tell you it was "super"!

thanks to everyone for the great emails!


slcup said...

spray painted bush?

Pete Dunn said...

I don't care how the date went. I want to know what jeans you wore and if they worked.

Lincoln said...

I don't like things mixed in a bucket either. Does that mean I'm old?

theorris said...

You bowl with authority. That's admirable.

Melliferous Pants said...

Have you ever been to the Pink Taco restaurant in the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino???

I'm not a video game girl either, but wii sure is fun!

sarahbellum said...

slcup: i'm saving it.

pete dunn: guess it's time to invest in some new jeans.

lincoln: yes, and welcome!

theorris: nah, that was anger.

pants: no, but I NEED TO!